Homeguy: the Mobile IPv6 Live CD

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Homeguy is a complete Operating System on CD ROM with Mobile IPv6 capability. Basically, you just need to boot your computer on the CD ROM and voila... you are ready to enjoy IPv6 Mobility.

Homeguy has been developed for the Nautilus6 Home Agent Service.

Homeguy screenshot

The main characteristics of Homeguy are:

  • Based on Ubuntu Gutsy
  • Works as a Mobile Host or a Mobile Router
  • Can be used jointly with HAiku to provide custom Live CDs for the Home Agent users
  • Can be built with your own configuration and be directly usable
  • Installable on hard drive
  • Bundles many softwares related to IPv6 and Mobility environment:

Except otherwise stated, the content of this CD is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.



Managed by Martin André
Main Nautilus6 website: www.nautilus6.org